Yvette Valdenegro – Programs Director

Your life choices have led you to where you are today. Some options have been beneficial, be we often make choices that others want most. We felt the pressure society states we must adhere to, but only some have stated true to themselves. We wind up looking back, saddened at seemingly the lost years, wondering how to turn it all around.

Yvette Valdenegro understands the daunting hurdles life can bring you. Yvette is a certified coach and co-owner of YG Collaborations, home to YG Relationship Coaching. As a single mom of 4 and a minority small business owner, she’s been though it all. But who wants another checklist or program that continues to mask issues and keep us aligned with culturally dated concepts and behavioral patterns we can’t overcome?  No one, and especially not Yvette.

After years of seeking, researching and hours spinning in the same circles, she discovered the change begins internally, unfolding an inner voice grown numb to outside forces. It takes patience, time and a willingness to bring to light you again. Rediscovering you isn’t hocus pocus or new concepts but mastered strategies and proven processes that bring transformation and results.

Women’s lives are being designed, created and brought back to a balance that brings a purposeful life. Yvette is passionate about helping women rediscover themselves and start living their desired lives. Your feelings and thoughts matter, and you do not want to waste more years living another dream or give way to societal influences when the real you has so much to say and offer. Are you ready to start your transformational journey?  Let Yvette guide you toward and inspirational life full of purpose and fulfillment.

Yvete Valdenegro, Certified Life Coach
Director of Empowerment Houston Business Women
Heights Chamber, Ladies in Action Committee
Fight for Freedom, Volunteer

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