FHPW Past President's Letters

FEARLESS: Thriving in the World of Diversity

2022 FHPW President's Message

2022 President Nelia Mazula

I am excited to accept this role, especially during such challenging times.  As I write this many people are suffering from the latest variant of COVID.  My family and I were recently affected by COVID and I am blessed that we have recovered and we are now healthy.  This experience reminds us that life is not guaranteed to be easy. However, by being fearless and thriving, even during these difficulties, we can be meaningful contributors to our community, friends, and family.

The theme this year is, “We are fearless and thriving in the world of diversity. “ The world is complex and diverse. That said, we at FHPW are still committed to creating a vehicle for women to connect and grow.  This year we have assembled an outstanding team to drive our core values and continue to provide value to our member organizations.  We want to expand on the momentum from last year’s 40th anniversary year, which we successfully executed despite the challenges of COVID.  We also want to focus on our membership’s needs. Some of our member organizations are small non-profits focused on providing support to often overlooked communities. Communities such as children, women in need around the world and previously incarcerated women who are often burdened to integrate into society and support their families. With over 30 organizations and over 10,000 members we are comprised of many passionate people focused on changing the world for better.  Organizations that were founded by fearless women who decide to do something despite all odds.

Our strength is in our passion and in our numbers. We have the ability to connect the many members in our organization in ways that incubate multipliers of innovation. I believe that by being intentional and fearless we can have a major impact in Houston this year and drive bigger opportunities than ever before.  I look forward to connecting to our existing members to expand our footprint and expand our organization.

I wish you and your family health and safety during this trying times.

With Kind Regards,

Nelia Mazula, PMP MBA

2022 FHPW President


Women Rising Up with Resilience

2021 FHPW President's Message

It is with extreme delight that I greet you as the 2021 president of the Federation of Houston Professional Women (FHPW) as we celebrate 40 years of distinction.  It is a pleasure to have you explore our website and learn more about our organization and the valuable membership benefits that we provide. Member organizations are an intricate part of who we are and what we have become and I extend my appreciation for their contributions to FHPW.

The theme for this year is Women Rising up with Resilience.  As women we take on leadership roles, we carry more of the emotional load in our family, but yet we still sustain social networks that help to keep us grounded and mentally prepared for the obstacles which are ahead of us. We are not deterred. We regroup and bounce back. And it is with this resilience that we will maintain our power of thinking, awareness and understanding to achieve the optimal outcome.

This is a special year because it is our 40th anniversary and I am excited about the honorees, dignitaries and guests that will attend our Women of Excellence Gala and Ruby Jubilee! Moreover, I invite you to partake in our quarterly meetings, Power Luncheons and Geo networking events that will occur throughout various areas in Houston.  Come out, have fun and network with a diversified group of business and professional women.

We are actively seeking opportunities to engage with the community, collaborate with member organizations and offer programs that are impactful and sustainable.  We look forward to the possibilities of expanding our member network and cultivating effective partnerships focused on the empowerment of women.

Thank you again for visiting our website.  I encourage you to connect with us on our social media platforms and look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Continued Blessings,

Donna M. Mitchell, President
Federation of Houston Professional Women

Our History

The Federation of Houston Professional Women began in September 1981 and was officially chartered by State of Texas in May 1982 as a non-profit, non-partisan business league. Our first Woman of Excellence Gala was held in 1982. We are in our 40th year as an organization and we have honored over 2, 400 Women of Excellence. Our history of connecting women in friendship, providing career and leadership opportunities, promoting networking and educational events, and unifying women’s organizations has enriched thousands of women’s lives.