NaTasha Vaughn – Administrative Secretary

NaTasha Vaughn works at The College of Health Care Professions as a corporate registrar. She contributes to the student’s success by supporting all of the departments within the college by giving administrative and system support to all students and staff for all 9 campuses. She has been in the education industry since 2012. NaTasha loves to serve as one of the student ambassador liaisons and helps the students achieve leadership skills while obtaining a career in the medical field. She currently mentors with the CHCP Med Center Campus Student Ambassadors.

NaTasha is in the process of obtaining a dual degree in a program that will help her obtain her Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degrees in Accounting at the same time. FHPW and ABWA have helped NaTasha with building confidence by taking leaps of faith in her professional and personal life with leadership training, mentorship, and networking. NaTasha puts her faith in the Lord with everything she does. She truly believes in giving back to family, friends, and the community.


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