Michelle Moreno – President

Michelle Moreno has been an independent agent for the last 8 years in the financial service and insurance field. Michelle is passionate about educating families and businesses about finances; sheMichelle Moreno FHPW President 2024 provides clients the knowledge, support, guidance, and confidence to a successful and predictable financial future. She would be happy to share her campaign of no family left behind with you or someone you know.

During the last few years, Michelle developed a passion for reaching underserved communities. Michelle has been involved in the Deaf community for 25 years; supporting Deaf owned businesses and the Deaf community. Michelle also assists families with special needs children to ensure the family’s wishes are carried out.

Michelle was a board member of WIFS for 4 years. As a WIFS Member, she is committed to attracting women to the financial service industry and ensuring their development and advancement.   WIFS collaborates and supports their members, fostering a team environment; we work in the community and universities to help attract and develop women in the industry.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s Degree for Sign Language Interpreting.  Michelle lives in Richmond with her husband, Rob.  She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.


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