Marie Laplante – Membership Director

Marie P. Laplante is a chemical engineer with over 30 years of experience working in operations, process design, technical sales, and project management. She currently works at Collins Aerospace as a Principal Project Engineer where she manages the Materials & Process and Specialty Engineering groups developing the next generation ISS space suit. She also provides technical support for space walks (EVAs) and space suit maintenance at JSC Mission Control.

Marie is a longtime active Society of Women Engineers –Houston Area (SWE-HA) member and is a SWE Fellow. She is a Past President of the SWE-HA section and served on the national SWE Board of Directors for 3 years and is currently serving as Trustee for the SWE-HA section. She also served as CFO of the Global Institute for Technology and Engineering (GIFTE) for 14 years. Marie recently served as the Federation’s Administrative secretary for 2 years. She is a Federation 2002 Women of Excellence. She has served on college advisory boards, HOAs, and in other STEM groups.

Marie is active in STEM outreach with SWE and FIRST robotics. She supports female engineering students through the University of Massachusetts and SWE-HA scholarships. She is also a flamenco dancer who enjoys surfing, skiing, cycling, and other outdoor and creative activities.

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