Ann Green Terrell – Policy Director

Ann Terrell, I am a well-regarded leader and problem solver who has worked to support transformations in corporate, civic and non-profit organizations. My vision for life is, in part, to positively influence both the people and the processes that impact my daily life.  I believe that I thrive by being an active part of my complete community and that constructively working with both civic and non-civic organizations can achieve this goal.  While I can make a living by what I attain; I truly build a life, developed on the base of what I have accomplished with the people in my community.

My professional background has been in industrial engineering within the commercial airline, manufacturing and transportation-logistics industries. Most of my career has been in leadership roles with over twenty years at United Parcel Service corporate offices where my most successful accomplishment was the co-founding of a charitable program that matched UPS professionals (engineering, marketing, finance, technology, etc professionals) to needs within the local non-profit community. I remain connected to my profession since retirement by volunteering with ABET as a program evaluator to accredit undergraduate and graduate industrial engineering programs in the U.S. and around the world. I also continue to work with both civic and non-civic organizations to support their missions as these intersect with my life goals.

My husband, Tommy, and I retired to Houston in 2013 and savor the diversity of ethnicity, food, sports and entertainment that the city has to offer. We enjoy the city’s various amenities, and I have a special fondness for the public library system, attending live musical entertainment, year-round golfing and visits to Buffalo Bayou Park. We are also avid travelers and love learning about different cultures through both international and domestic travel.

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